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The Manor of Porkuni

In the later centuries there was a knight manor in Porkuni, which has been possessed by von Tiesenhausens, von Ungern-Sternbergs and von Essens. Beginning with 1869 until 1919 expropriation the manor belonged to von Rennenkampffs, the last owner being Ewald von Rennenkampff. Part of the manor centre was at his disposal until 1939 resettlement.

Porkuni manor. Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

Porkuni manor.
Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

The manor centre (manor heart) is situated slightly apart from the medieval bishops castle, comprising the Southern end of the lake island. The main building of the estate is a historicist stone-made building that was built in 1874 at the time of von Rennenkampffs. The building is a mixture of the Tudor style and neorenaissance. Several outbuildings of the manor complex from the beginning of the 19th century are still extant, some of them are situated off the lake island.

Beginning with 1920 there has been a school for deaf people in the main building of the manor, in our days there is a school for children with special needs. In 1950 a new neoclassicist schoolhouse was built, which is facing the main building of the manor.