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Limestone is valuable mineral resource, that is mainly used as construction material, in road building (gritstone) and for cement and calcimine production. For industrial purpose limestone is blasted, whereas blasted material is unsuitable for construction, as it contains microscopic fissures.

To get limestone for construction breaking technique is used.

Calcareous stone is also used for paper production.

Dolomite is used also in fertilizers and magnesium production. Magnesium is an important ingredient in durable iron alloys.

For construction purposes both limestone and dolomite are used. Limestone is having yellowish shade, while dolomite is more bluish. Decorative and patterned limestone slabs, containing fossils, are highly valuable.


Decorative limestone slab (Photo: Tiit Kaljuste)










Limestone walls in Porkuni (Photo: Tiit Kaljuste)










Cement plant in Kunda (Photo: AS Kunda Nordic Cement)










Gritstone quarry