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Energy trail

Haruline puu. Foto Tiit KaljustePossibly many of us have experienced that in some certain place the feeling is much more pleasing than elsewhere. Have You ever regained Your energy or drawing new strength lying on the grass or  leaning Your back against a tree? The fluid, streaming to us is the energy of the Earth and our feeling is depending on whether the energy is positive or negative.

Vana peamurd. Foto Tiit KaljusteThe Energy Trail runs along the sites, where everyone can feel extremely well and restore the vital force. The 1,7 km Energy Trail emanates from Porkuni Limestone Museum, runs around the northwestern part of Lake Porkuni and heads into Porkuni park-forest.

In the park-forest there are no obvious regular patterns, but every now and then one may encounter specimen of foreign tree and bush species, survived from the manor period. These days the previous park looks like a regular wood – ‘Hepatica boreo-nemoral spruce forest’ by scientifically exact classification.

The biggest old curiosity of the Energy Trail is the former Porkuni limestone quarry.
One can also have a look at the head of the River Valgejõgi and karst phenomena.

About 0,5 -1 hour should be allowed to cover the trail. The trail is equipped with several information stands.

Valgejõe algus. Foto Tiit Kaljuste