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Guided Tours

eks_01Porkuni Limestone museum coveres guided tours on following topics:

  • Overview of Porkuni with its surrounds and the exhibits of the Museum, taking a view from the platform
  • Energy Trail (Castle Island, park), passes the Limestone outcrop (Porkuni quarry)
  • Karst and springs (Springs of Kaieallikas and Külmallikas)
  • Tamsalu Lime Park (industrial heritage)
  • History features Porkuni stronghold, manor, school education in Porkuni, battle of Porkuni (fratricidal war, Memorial in Vistla).
  • The landscape around Porkuni is variegated. Nature here has given us the lake Porkuni, springs and floating islands that change their location.
  • Porkuni has many legends to tell, related to the lake and the castle, also folktales about Estonian national hero Kalevipoeg acting between Kadrina and Porkuni areas in earlier times.

On guided tours we can spent more time on one or another topic depending on Your wish and planned timetable.