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Lime Park

Circle burning kiln. Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

Circle burning kiln. Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

The limestone park is situated on the border of Tamsalu. Tamsalu lime park is an object of natural and cultural heritage, where abandoned industrial landscape is turned into a site of interest. Until the WW2 lime was burnt here, while the raw material – Borealis-limestone – was broken from the adjacent quarries. It is possible to sightsee different types of lime burning kilns, including the huge circle ones. The study trail introduces the limestone outcrop, historical ways of lime burning, natural replanting of the ash-covered landscapes and plant species. The study trail is equipped with information stands.


Old limestone quarry (Photo: Tiit Kaljuste)

Vana paemurd. Foto Tiit Kaljuste









Study trails












Limestone quarry in the beginning of 20th century

Paemurd 20. sajandi alguses