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Landscape Reserve

A 300-years old pine-tree. Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

A 300-years old pine-tree. Photo: Tiit Kaljuste

The Porkuni Landscape Reserve (area 11.45 km2, two detached plots) was founded in 2005. The landscape around Porkuni is variegated. There are numerous elongated eskers and paludified forest lakes as the heritage of the latest ice age. The height of the eskers amounts to 25 metres and the slopes are up to 30 degrees.

The main purpose of the landscape reserve is to protect the landscape appearance of the Southern part of the Porkuni-Neeruti esker area, Võhmetu-Lemküla-Porkuni karst lakes and forest ecosystems, as well as  the protected plant and bird species of the area. There are also rare flower-rich hay meadows with great burnet and meadow foxtail (Habitat Type 6510). The landscape reserve belongs to the limited management zone.